Gallery of Pots

Showroom display at Kevin Lehman's Pottery

All the pieces pictured in the first photo are available for sale at Kevin Lehman's Pottery in Lancaster, PA.  [eta:  regular displays at the studio are being dismantled for the "Strictly Functional" show coming Sept. 23, 2011]

The mugs and bottle/vase at top left are glazed in SH Green and Yellow Salt.  The vases and handled bowl at top right are glazed in Speckled Tan with Royal Blue inside.  The bowls and soap dish at bottom left are glazed in Rob's Green.  The handled bowl and mugs at bottom right are glazed in Copper Red.

The following pieces are also available for sale at my home.  Comment if interested.  I'll be happy to provide dimensions and other information.

bowl and bottle in SH Blue glaze

bowl & plate in Shino glaze with corn ash
lipped bowl in Speckled Tan glaze
unglazed cup with inside glazed Royal Blue

Japanese maple pinch pots in Speckled Tan glaze
pedestal bowl in SH Green & Cap White glaze

teapot and tea bowl in Lorio's Ash

vase in Lorio's Ash

cannister in Rob's Green glaze

Leland Cypress dishes in Rob's Green glaze

cutwork bowl in Rob's Green glaze

cutwork bowl in Rob's Green glaze

carved bowl in Rob's Green glaze

bowl with lugs in Rob's Green glaze

vase in Rob's Green glaze

goblet, urn, pedestal bowl in Blue Celadon

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